Measuring Tools & Magnetic Stands

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Cam belt tension gauge. For setting and checking the tension on serpentine and camshaft belts of various thicknesses,...

Used for tightening head and other bolts where a torque angle is required. 360B0 scale minimum is 2B0, 480mm in length,...

Torque Angle Guage w/ Clamp

Telescopic magnetic pick up tool, extendible from 145mm to 620mm, maximum pick up weight 2.5kg

Telescopic extendible inspection mirror 30mm in diameter, extendible from 170mm to 5000mm.

Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool, 4lbs (1.8kg)

Metric Feeler Guage Set 20 Blades

Magnetic Stand

A Combined Set Of Precision Dial Gauge 0.01 And Ground Base Magnetic Stand

Vernier Caliper 150mm

Magnetic Wing protector, Protects Against Damage During Vehicle, Maintenance & Repair Work. Magnets Are Sewn In To...

Digital Tyre pressure gauge, Provides an accurate reading in both PSI and BAR.0-100 PSI / 0-6.9 BAR range. Digital LCD...

Toolhub 9422 Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool, Cap. 0,5kg, Diameter 6mm.Comfort grip handle 520mm in length, 6mm diameter...

Toolhub 9407/1 Magnetic Stand and Metric Dial GaugeMagnetic Stand With Dial Gauge