Diesel - Injection

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For priming the fuel pump after filter replacement vaux 2.0&2.2Di engines

For: Bosch VE Rotary, Kiki, Nippon Denso, CAV, Roto Diesel

Tool Hub 1110 Fuel Pump Removal Tool BMW N47

Ford duratorq diesel injector alignment tool, for the alignment of the injector and fuel line.

Emergency car opening kit, Selection of tools for the professional bodyshop/garage to gain access to damaged vehicles...

Common Rail Injector Return Flow Pressure Tester

Specially Designed For The Removal Of Stubborn Diesel Injectors Fitted On Mercedes CDI Engines.Features Injector Cap...

Diesel injector extractor for BMW common rail M47TU, M57, M57TU. Also for Range Rover 2.5DT 1994-2002. 3.0TD6...

Common Rail Diesel Injector Flow Tester Set

Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set, 9pcs

Diesel Injection Pump Socket Set 5 Piece,Bosch FuelInjection PumpSocket SetVAG TDiApplications

10 x Wire brushes (�18 x 2 �19 x 2 �21 x 2 �24 x 2 & �26 x 2) 2 x Cleaning brushes: 9mm x 100mm x 300mm 1 x...