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Schrader Pressure Test Adaptors. For Use With 7532 & 1157

Diesel & Petrol Engine Compression Tester

Combination Electronic Stethoscope Kit 6 Channel

Tests oil pump pressure and low pressure warning devices, quick coupling and 1200mm of hose

Comprehensive kit covers a wide variety of vehicles including truck, bus, agricultural and marine engines

Combustion Leak Detection Set

Replacement Liquid For 7230

Master Fuel Injection Pressure Test Set

M10, M12, M14, M14/M18 adaptors

EOBD code reader. Compatible with all 1996 and newer cars & light commercial vehicles. easy to use two-button...

Petrol Compression Test Extension Adaptor M12 x 200mm

Petrol Compression Test Extension Adaptor M14 x 200mm

Petrol Engine Compression Tester, M14 & M18

Petrol Engine Compression Tester 8pcs, M10, M12, M14 & M18

Petrol Engine Cylinder Leak Detector

Vacuum & Pressure Test / Brake Bleed Set

Uses a tyre inflator to charge the turbo system, intercooler etc, shut off and pressure relief valve, supplied with 4...

Glow plug adaptors: 91mm M10x1, 119mm M10x1, 135mm M10x1.25, 118mm M22x1.5, 113mm M10x1, 102mm M10x1, 83mm M10x1, 64mm...

Toolhub 9524 Vacuum Test GuageUsed to check for leaks in the fuel & vacuum system via indicated pressure loss, may...

Charge The Turbo System With a Low Pressure Of Regulated Workshop Air To Show Leaks Within The System. Adaptor Sizes:...